Dynamite comes in small packages! If you are 5 feet 3 inches or below, you’ll want to wear clothing that elongates your frame. Certain ways of dressing are definitely more flattering for you then others.

Consider the following:

  • Clothing that drapes well – garments made of stiff fabric will make you look boxy and therefore shorter.
  • Jackets at hipbone-length – This is the most flattering length for your short frame. Anything longer will make your legs look shorter and your hips wider.
  • Prints with smaller scale graphics – look for smaller scale graphic designs when choosing patterns. The scale of the design needs to be in keeping the scale of your frame.
  • Monochromatic combinations – it’s not that you can’t wear a contrasting top or bottom; it’s just that a tonal combinations will give you a stronger unbroken vertical line.
  • Shorter skirts – knee length skirts are most flattering for everyone and for you too. If you have the legs, by all means wear your skirt shorter. Avoid ankle length skirts – this will make you appear shorter.
  • Scaled down accessories – this does not mean that you can’t wear chunky jewelry (plus size petites should only wear chunky jewelry). It means that you need to watch the size of your beads and the size of your bag – you don’t want to look like you are going to topple over.
  • Vertical lines – princess seaming detail; zip fronts and vertical stripes are good examples.
  • Pointy toed shoes – they will always make you look taller. Round toes and square toes will have the opposite effect. Keep your heel height at 2-3 inches – anything higher will be out of proportion.

If you happen to have a very small foot that is part and parcel of your petite frame, have a  look at Zappos – they offer women’s styles that start at a size 3!


Jacket at hipbone-length, pointy toed shoes to elongate a petite frame and two flattering knee length dresses (the one the left with a smaller scale graphic design print) – all from Nordstrom.