When packing for travel, I always plan my footwear carefully. This is especially true for trips that require a great deal of walking. My days of being uncomfortable for the sake of being on the cutting edge of fashion are over. I am now, forever more, kind to my feet. But, we need to be kind to our feet with style.

Wearing socks and athletic shoes with jeans is unsightly and it’s even worse with shorts!  Is there such a thing as a comfortable yet stylish walking shoe? Absolutely. There are many fashionable and practical alternatives to the work-out sneaker:

  • For jeans and casual pants, wear a “fashion sneaker”. Don’t wear thick colourful socks with these – opt for discreet ankle socks instead. If your pants are at the correct length (see perfect pant lengths please), you shouldn’t be revealing your socks – even when you sit or cross your legs.
  • For walk shorts and skirts, wear a “dainty fashion sneaker”. It’s best to keep your sneaker looking more like a ballet shoe when you expose your legs. There are some super retro options at PF Flyers; otherwise any department store will stock what you are looking for.
  • Pop in an insole. I like to get air foam insoles for extra comfort. They are available at any drugstore for a couple of dollars.
  • Find a comfortable thong sandal. If you can wear thong sandals, try a cushioned version for walking if you don’t require arch support. I am more comfortable in these than in walking sandals with ankle straps. Ankle straps eventually chafe – throngs somehow seem more forgiving.

Fabulous feet deserve to fashionable and comfortable. Have a look at the dainty fashion sneaker options below – perfect for when you need to be light and quick on your feet.

PF Flyers has the nice dainty Lo Fi (and an online store).


Fashion sneakers from Nordstrom.