My experience with Tilex yesterday is well worth a blog posting. A few days ago, I wore a bright red t-shirt which turned out to be far from colour-fast. By the end of the day, it had stained the top half of my body. After 2 showers and futile attempts with nail polish remover – I was still pink. I proceeded to wear a white collared shirt the next day, only to find that by lunchtime, my crisp white shirt was also pink! My shirt had absorbed the remainder of red dye from my body. I popped the white shirt into the wash with loads of detergent and “triple action” stain remover – but this was useless. I then thought of using Tilex (mildew remover for the bathroom). Not knowing how the fabric would react, I was prepared to take the risk seeing as my shirt was ruined already. I sprayed Tilex over the pink stains, left it for an hour and popped it back into the wash. This was brilliant- my shirt is now whiter then when I purchased it!

NOTE: I’m not recommending this practice (and neither are the Tilex people). If you do consider the use of Tilex, be mindful of the fabric composition you will be affecting. It won’t work for a 100% natural fibre. The results are good for white polyester cotton spandex combinations. I have also found it effective at removing yellow armpit soiling caused by deodorant.

Do not risk your designer wear – but have a bash if you feel that you have nothing left to lose.