Is white underwear best for a wedding dress?
Can you wear a black bra under a lime green t-shirt?
Will a lacy bra work underneath a knitted top?

The answers to all these questions is “no”. Wearing the correct colour underwear underneath your clothes is an important detail and easy to do:

  • Flesh coloured bras under anything white – white underwear will show up underneath white or cream clothing whereas flesh will not. Choose a darker flesh tone or chocolate brown if you have dark skin.
  • Lighter is better than darker – opt to wear a lighter shade of underwear under your clothing as opposed to a darker shade. This will prevent your underwear from showing through your clothes.
  • Flesh and black for everyday – boring as it may sound, flesh and black bras are the most versatile investments. Chocolate brown is a good alternative but not easy to find. Venturing out into colours and patterns is fun but limiting. It’s lovely to colour match a beautiful lacy bra with a specific item of clothing. This can become costly though. If you’re on a budget, it’s therefore best to have an assortment of smooth, seamless, flesh and black bras that you can wear every day. 
  • Any colour under jeans – there is little chance of any colour showing through denim – wear what tickles your fancy!
  • Smooth bras for knit tops – this is more about fabric than colour but worth mentioning anyway. Lacy bras show through knit tops while smooth bras do not. Keep pretty lacy bras for woven shirts and tops that don’t cling as much to your body. Bras with extra smooth molded cups are especially good for t-shirts, pullovers and cardigans.

Flesh coloured bras might make you feel matronly – but the fact remains that they are best underneath clothing.


Smooth, seamless, everyday bras in flesh and black (Nordstrom).