You don’t need to be “all dressed up” to look stylish. If you work from home, have a casual dress-code at work, or are a stay at home Mum, then traipsing around in heels and fussy clothing that takes too long to think about is not appropriate. But neither is wearing sweats, running shoes and looking like you are off to go camping. The quintessential favourite American outfit of “jeans and a t-shirt” also needs seasonal updating.

The best news about t-shirts and knitted tops this season is that they are styled and longer in length. Not only is this more versatile and comfortable, but more flattering as well:

  • Pulling more form fitting longer tees up a little so ruching that occurs on the sides of your hips disguises anything that you might want to hide in this area
  • It’s a super layering garment underneath last years shorter length tees – perfect for pear shaped ladies in particular
  • Pop a belt over your natural waistline and look ultra trendy; or pop one on lower on your hip bone and still be trendy but more comfortable
  • Wear them underneath last season’s jackets, cardigans and shrugs and update your look completely
  • Bend over to pick up your child and rest assured that you are completely covered and draft free
  • Taller ladies and ladies with longer torsos will especially welcome this new t-shirt style change  

Below are some examples of new shape knitted tops. Stay tuned on how to wear them effortlessly with jeans for a casual and classy alternative!


Longer length styled tee’s and a layering camisole from Arden B.

macys1.jpg  nordstrom2.jpgnordstrom1.jpg

Examples from Macy’s and Nordstrom.

By the way, for those of you who shop there – Banana Republic is currently on sale.