The season’s biggest fashion colour is white, but what does that mean for those of us that don’t tan and aren’t dark skinned? You might hold out even less hope if you are blonde. This is how I felt when I first heard about the new trends for Spring. Well ladies, I am thrilled to announce that it can be done! With some attention to detail – we can all look fab wearing white.

The trick is to create contrast.

  • Layer underneath your white jacket – by wearing a black or colourful collared shirt or fancy t-shirt underneath your white jacket, you’ll have a flattering tone right up against your face
  • Adjust your make-up – darken your lipstick, emphasize your eyebrow colour and add rosy cheeks if you don’t naturally have them
  • Embellish your white shirt – layer onto your white shirt with black or another colour either in the form of a piece of knitwear or even a fancy t-shirt
  • White pants only – wear white pants on their own (as opposed to an entire suit) and contrast them with preferably a black or brown top and add in metallic shoes and bag
  • Wear chunky beads – liven up any white top with a colorful or metallic strand of short chunky beads against your face
  • Contrast your white bag – wear a strong colour on top so that your white bag can contrast against it eg. black, brown, red or bright yellow jacket/blouse/t-shirt
  • Contrast your white shoes – white shoes are not best against a fair skin, however, wear them underneath long denim jeans and you have your contrast

There are countless different ways in which we can create a striking contrast with all this ultra-trendy white merchandise in stores.  We may not all be able to wear white from top to bottom as trends forecast, but carefully selecting key white pieces will help us to update our look.