Sweats, sports gear and Nikes are ideal for when you are actually engaging in a sport. Be it a work out at gym, power walk, run, bike ride or tennis match – correct gear is imperative. However, such gear is not terribly appropriate outside this arena. There are stylish and practical solutions for when you want to take your dogs for a walk, or take your children to the park:   

  • Fashion sneakers for both men and women will do the trick. I’ve discovered that by adding a spongy insole, they feel just like my comfy running shoes. Wear these with jeans or casual pants 
  • Wellington boots are super for wet and muddy terrain. These become available at J Crew, Banana Republic, Anne Taylor and Nordstrom’s after summer. Pop your pants inside them for extra protection. Burberry makes a beautiful pair!
  • If you don’t like either of those ideas – invest in a pair of low heeled leather walking shoes from a specialty store 
  • When you invest in a casual coat, select one that has shape (comes in at the waist). It doesn’t need to be waterproof – use an umbrella and wear a hat 
  • Trench coats are ideal for milder days  

Fleece is not your only option. A sweater, cardigan, body warmer or casual jacket will keep you looking up to date while you walk and play.