Sveta's thread reminded me that Zara and Uniqlo are opening at Valley Fair, San Jose, this fall. I've yet to find an opening date, but yesterday Zara held a recruitment event. Uniqlo is opening several stores in the Bay area.

Ferragamo opened their store a few weeks ago. I poked my head in, but there were few customers.

And, the last time I was at VF I saw that Banana Republic is relocating to what looks like a much larger space. That will be in the winter.

I've tried on a few things at a Zara store, but wasn't impressed enough to buy anything. I see Uniqlo mentioned a lot, but am not familiar with their clothing line. I would like to know what the YLF shoppers think of their line.

Valley Fair has seen a lot of stores come and go, and lately, move around to different locations. We'll see if these new stores can lure me out of Nordstrom.