I now have the Zara ones in black in my shopping cart . I wish we had a store here - it would make it so much easier and faster to deal with . I usually return half of what I order from Zara as their sizing is so crazy .

I “ran” (virtually) over to Zara and bought a pair. Team Olive Team Wide Leg!

I just ordered three pair -- olive in small, taupe in med (as there was no small) and at least this way I can try two sizes. And a bonus pair of cotton cargo joggers that just struck me as too too cool not to at least try. I have to leave this forum now and never come back....

Oh wow, I love them on you, Janet! I am eager to try a pair too if I can find a colour that works for me.

Well those are so cool! I am obsessed with the gathered volume hem look and didn't realize parachute pants were trending. They don't have my size but they had many other styles so I have ordered several to try. Along with a scarf I actually need and a printed velvet dress that I do not, but what can I say my colours are in this year Thanks Janet for posting!

Fab. Love that they seem to dress up and down.

I saw something similar styled with a combat boot and loved it (if i remember you have a combat or combat(ish) boot)

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Wow!! Your best WIW ever, and that's saying something because your WIWs are always great! Black and olive green is a gorgeous combo.

I feel like I’ve started something here! LOL I kinda love that we’re all now trying parachute pants.

Thanks for all the love for this look, everyone. When I got home last night after my Xmas shopping and a photo group judging session, I told him about finding the grey pants and buying them too, that I could return whichever ones were the lesser of the two. He said, “or you could just keep both.” I guess he really likes them! You see why we’ve been together for 25 years!

Oh, these are cute! I see why you've set off a mini trend!

Love how your husband is an enabler. He's a keeper!

Love a parachute pant! These look great on you! How fun.

Janet, you’ve enabled me too! I just ordered 2 pairs - it looks like there’s some in cotton and some in polyamide? I couldn’t decide so I’m trying both!

I actually just saw someone wearing a similar style pant today with a fitted, short-sleeved black turtleneck and sneakers and she looked amazing.

Oh, you HAVE started a club, Janet. The Parachute (pants) Club, and THIS is our theme song!!

I bought a red pair at Garage today -- they might be a bit too much (I already have shocking orange linen pants!), but I wanted the chance to think about them.

Remember, I'm still waiting to try three pair from Zara... sigh. Ob. Sessed....

I LOVE them on you and never would have expected parachute pants to look this incredible. Strong preference for them with the black top and black booties. Just perfect. Wow.

Wow! Super cool!

And super miraculous to me. I have never found pants at Zara(!)

These do look really good on you. I like the last outfit best, with the white T and sneakers, fresh and modern. Grey and olive do work well together, although I prefer a lighter grey with a cool olive.