So, the moment you've all been waiting for. Well, maybe you haven't been waiting for it, but I'VE been waiting for it!

The intrepid Merwoman plunged into the sea of suburban shoppers at the Eaton Centre and brought back the spoils! And so, herewith, for your estimable judgement, the Zara moto.

A note on style: I haven't.

I'm showing it first with a white T, just so you can see the details. Then with the taupe sweater because it was the closest mid-tone thing I had to hand, and I thought it might make sense to look at it that way, although I see it's not great because you can see my white T through it...oh well. And finally with the BF and a shirt that I was trying on for my other thread.

Which brings me to my next question: How DOES one style a moto? What do you wear under it? A shirt collar seems to fight it badly. What necklines work?

My observations: the leather is not as fine a quality as on the Danier jackets, BUT (and this is huge) it feels light enough that I could consider wearing it indoors in a not-too-hot place. It layers under my coat (sorry, no pic, but it does work).

Would love your thoughts on the fit and if it seems like me.

It is snug but comfortable. In the pics it looks tight across the back, but in fact I can move my arms very comfortably without any of that too-tight-in-the-shoulders strain one gets from ill-fitting jackets.

My main concern, for what that is worth: Sleeves too long for indoor wear. In some of the pics I am trying to scrunch the sleeves (but can't get them to stay very well). In others, I have turned them under, or turned them under and then scrunched (they stay a bit better that way, but maybe it looks weird.) I assume a sleeve alteration would be very costly. Too-long sleeves are a perennial problem of mine with non-petities shirts and jackets, although usually European sizes are better for me on this, and I don't mind the length of these for outdoor wear.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

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