In a previous post last week, there was a small discussion about whether or not wearing the same trends as everyone else was an issue or not.

It got me wondering about some of the factors that come into play with trends such as:

  • What causes us to decide we no longer enjoy wearing a particular trend anymore?
  • Does the fact that a trend is really popular matter to you?
  • Do you worry about a trend's popularity peaking?
  • How much do you feel your current style is actually influenced by trends?

For myself, there are times I do worry about wearing extremely popular trends and looking like a clone of everyone else, I think this might also depend on what demographic is wearing it the most too. Often I try to find some version of a trend that's just slightly different from what " the crowd" might be wearing.

I've also been so late to "like" certain trends that I often just decide to skip them altogether because I figure its probably on its way out anyways and I don't want my style to feel too passé.

I am certainly aware of trends and they do figure into my personal style whenever it enhances it but I'm no longer as sensitive to them as compared to when I was younger. They need to serve my needs first and foremost.

Love to hear your thoughts on the subject?