Yes, white (cream) trim... my sitting room is my office too. I'm not sure if I can work in a green room... I've learned I can't happily do so in a yellow room. Otherwise, green would be a no brainer... maybe a darker shade tho would be nice...

My clothes do not match my house at all. I'm not sure if my personality does or not, but I designed and built my house to be comfortable for my children who have autism. I had previously been living in a transitional colonial which seemed to be problematic for my son. I wanted an environment that would work for him, so I wasn't only thinking about my taste but what would work for everyone in the family. My house is definitely colorful, not neutral, but the colors are warm, soft, inviting, and comfortable to live with. I think it's happy and a bit funky too. My house has a lot of natural sunlight in every room because almost every space has windows on two sides. It allows me to keep lights off and use natural light as much as possible. There are some little nooks and a window seat where people can curl up and read a book. It is otherwise very open, very organized and simple. Even though it is open, the space doesn't
feel large because it is broken up by changes in ceiling height and some book shelves that protrude into the room. People tell me it feels cozy and inviting. Everything flows well and is easy to maintain. My mud hall is a workhorse space, which was designed with my son in mind. It saved him when he was younger, and it a great space even now. My house is what I would call a mix of traditional colonial and Modern Craftsman. I have oak hardwood floors in every room except the bathrooms, laundry/mud and basement. I have oriental rugs on the floor. I have Stickley furniture. Most of the walls are a warm light gold color, but there is also a wonderful red music room with my piano and where my son practiced trumpet, and our bedroom is olive green. My son's room is blue, and my daughters is yellow. My walls contain a museum of artwork, mostly paintings by my daughter from every stage of her development. I also have enlarged photographs taken by my mother. DH and I were each given one painting from our respective parents from the homes we grew up in as children. We hung them across from each other in our great room. Most of my paintings are of nature, but there are some with people or buildings. I also have a collection of Pewabic tiles hanging on my walls and sitting on my shelves. I like the colors and their earthy look. We have built in book cases and cabinets painted white in almost every room, filled to overflowing with books. My house is an easy place for hosting guests. The main floor allows for easily rearrangement of furniture to accommodate folding tables and chairs if needed. The kitchen woodwork is Red Birch which looks like light cherry. It coordinates well with my Stickley which is made of Cherry wood not Oak and is stained with a medium dark hue.

Going back and reading this, I have to say that my house colors may not reflect my wardrobe style as much as the design process does. I took a lot of time and care in figuring out each space and how it would function. That analytical part of me prevailed, but my happiness factor with my house is high.

I think my decor and wardrobe - or at least the wardrobe I aspire to - are quite cohesive. I am more confident in my home design choices. I think I've posted here before that this is the reason I chose a chair as my profile picture.

I tend to prefer warm neutral colors, texture and simple cleaned-lined shapes. I have a fondness for classic shapes and designs that were popular in the mid-20th century - nostalgia for the optimism of that era, I think.

In both areas I also have an unfortunate tendency to buy things because I like them and then have to figure out how to make them work with what I already own.

Rachy, I can envision a living area with pale pink walls adjoining an apple green bedroom. I think you could make the two rooms work together with some small accent that brings just a touch of pink into the bedroom - like a pillow or art in a Pucci-esque print with green, blue and pink as an accent. (Can't think of a Gucci-themed item at the moment, but at least Pucci and Gucci rhyme, no?)

Fashiontern, I like your paisley desk trim. Little touches like that really make a space your own!

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Many of these comments remind me of the Wm Morris quote "Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." I think it subconsciously guides my dressing and decorating decisions.

Staysfit, that sounds like a great combo of beauty and functionality. Did you rely on any specific reference for guidance on setting up your home for kids with autism, or go by your observations of them?

Anne, silly me. I was forgetting that there might be another person in the home to take care of decor!

Ryce, I really like the warmth you've put into that MCM decor. It looks cozy and inviting. Those are not words I usually associate with that style. Thanks for the encouragement on the paisley project. I'd much rather do that than the household administrativa that desk is for. I've decided to store the paints and brushes right there, so I can bribe myself to trudge through that stuff. If I complete the task I assign myself, then I get to take 20 min to paint.

Rachylou, green helps concentration and focus. I don't think a dark green early 20th Century study is you, and I'm surprised that ironic references to the craze over palms and pineapples doesn't appeal to you, but I bet you could find a green you like.

Oh, I definitely dress like I decorate, or vice versa. I like neutrals (white slipcovers, cream or grey or white walls, white or black painted furniture) as a backdrop to ever-changing pillow covers, throws, and accessories. Blue and black and aqua are staples in my home (and my wardrobe) and I add green and orange in autumn and red in the winter. My preferred metals in my home are silver and worn gold, same as in my jewelry.

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Ryce, your home is spectacular! And ThirkelleGirl, I can see how yours matches your personal style...classic and welcoming.

I have been thinking that even though my decor is more colorful than my wardrobe, it still matches me in that it's eclectic with classic and bohemian influences. I tend to mix high and low in my home, just like in my wardrobe, and my home is RATE like me. I love well-worn leather, carelessly-tossed throws, and random stacks of books, just as I like finger-combed hair, smudgy eyeliner, and unevenly-rolled cuffs.

I love seeing all these glimpses into your places, thank you!

The Style Statement book (that I didn't read) says the statement should apply to your clothing, home, etc. So while it may not be a literal interpretation -- aka no matching your bedspread -- you "should" see commonalities.

So basically what the YLFers here have said/done!

And that can happen if you're renting a white-walled studio apartment or building/renovating from scratch.

The key is finding at least a good-enough match between your personality and place.

With "place" meaning bones, things-attached-to-things like floors/cabs/tile, and natural light.

[Granted this is easier to do when it's one person but as Stayfit has shared, with thought it can be done!]

Rachylou -- a zillion green color combo ideas for you:

My house does not correspond to my clothes I love the rather rustic style I have a lot of wood my furniture are old my books scattered I have to build a library. Still a lot of work

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Ha! I do love palm prints and pineappleS and green. But it's funny, I don't know that I can work in green. It's a relaxing colour to me...

Rachylou, how about cream walls with lots of varied blue and green accents?

My 1951 ranch style home and my style are pretty similar in style and lines. Except my home has lots of white, and brown wood, and my wardrobe has almost no white or brown but it does have black. But the colors I incorporate in both are cool and saturated