Thank you, Suntiger and Torontogirl

Kari, eggplant and teal are the very worst colors on me, sadly. They make me look sick and yellow. I think there is a shade of each color for everyone. Draping colors has never put me a season and I have tried several times.

I had my colours 'diagnosed' last summer but they're a little at odds with the bright colours I usually gravitate towards & also what's on the Kettlewell website. I'm supposed to be a deep & warm autumn, so I have to search Kettlewell according to that tonal direction instead of just assuming that all of the items earmarked as 'autumn' will work on me - just learnt that the hard way on my recent thread about my Kettlewell order, unfortunately.

I'm still trying to get my head around it though since I'm ironically in a minority that doesn't find it easy to wear head to toe black (imagine my surprise to hear that, not only can I pull it off but I all over dark colours is my forte)! I'm honestly also a little unsure about the accuracy of my season because I have brown skin & I think the usual assumption is that we all have a yellow undertone & 'olive' skin. I've been told that I have everything from warm to neutral & even a cool skintone before, so I don't know how robust the system is for judging non-fair or -light skintones... especially those of us that tan so easily!

Being labelled as a season is one thing but I find that I still buy colours I like. If I am doubtful I usually wear a white collar and I think I then get away with it .

Great solution Eirlys - and I hope you're getting on well with the social distancing, etc.!