Yes, I do, Eirlys. Like a few others, I came on board with CMB back in the eighties, and still have a copy of the original book - because it made such an impact on me.
It sounds as if your new colour palette is working brilliantly for you, so I hope you will continue to enjoy those compliments!

My Mom became interested in CMB shortly after the book came out, and we went to a consultation together where I was classified as a Winter. I never broke it down further into any of the season’s subcategories. I’ve dressed in the Winter palette ever since; I love those deep, jewel tone colors. The one thing that perplexes me is that Winters aren’t supposed to wear brown, and yet my eyes and original hair color are both dark brown!

Big yes to wearing your best colors! It makes a huge difference.
I have medium brown hair, sometimes go redder, and hazel eyes. I have golden brown skin, which people have called olive, but there's no green undertone.
I'm definitely an Autumn, most likely Dark Autumn, since black isn't bad on me, but wear some Winter purples and hot pinks too. Clothes in Autumn colors are often very casual/rugged (picking pumpkins in a field sort) so I lean into Winter as needed.

I am pleased you are wearing colour Eirlys. And that it is making you feel great.

I was diagnosed as a spring when I was about 16 and I think it is right. I don’t follow it strictly but spring colours such as coral, warm green, turquoise and ivory/ vanilla are some of my best colours.

Some people are easier than others to work out - and some people definitely want to be more experimental.

Eirlys, how great that your experiments with color have been so happy-making. Enjoy those compliments!

I think seasonal color analysis can be useful as a rough guideline but as with any other typing system we humans are individuals who don't always fit into neat boxes.

I'm pretty sure that I'm more or less a Summer, but I think that my coloring includes both cool and warm elements (which isn't quite the same as being "neutral"). For example, my skin has blue undertones, but peachy overtones, if that makes any sense. My eyes are dark, cool blue but my hair has warm gold natural highlights.

Most of the Summer palette suits me well, but I think I also look pretty ok in certain warmer greens and corals that would normally be assigned to Spring. And all those soft beiges and browns that are supposed to suit Summers so well are absolutely ghastly on me.

Sometimes it's a tradeoff or a matter of deciding what you want to emphasize: I have a green sweater with metallic gold flecks in it that I realize is not the most ideal for my skin tone. But it looks amazing with my hair, so I wear it anyway!

I'm a believer, but only a casual practitioner. I sometimes buy things outside my autumn palette just because I like them. Suntiger mentioned that clothes in autumn colors are often casual - I find that they're also so clearly associated with fall that it can be hard to find them in abundance in other seasons.

I have to be careful with some autumn colors like light browns and most dusty shades since they tend to wash me out, but ivories and rusts and olive greens are always good. I think letting my hair go gray opened up a few different colors for me as I've found that I get a lot of compliments in certain jewel tones.

There are supposed to be four universally flattering colors - soft pink/blush, true red, eggplant and teal. I wonder if people here have found that to be true? Those colors do all work well on me.

I used to think those were universally flattering colors, but I definitely can not wear a true teal ( dark turquoise). I can wear a light or medium clear aqua and that may be the color meant. I also have never been able to wear eggplant. It makes me look jaundiced.

I will be interested to see what you think of the Kettlewell items - I’ve bought a few tops from them and they’ve lasted well. I love the variety of colours. I’m careful when I wash my tops and so don’t need to iron - a nice added bonus.

I tend to change my thoughts - at the moment I’m loving khaki and camel colours.

That’s so true SarahD8. I have cool skin tones, but then I’m tan... my hair is black black... but I was born with brown hair, meaning it’s not blue-black...

Thank you, All, for those truly interesting comments. I was colour analysed (!) many years ago but have only now subscribed to the theory that colour does flatter one and, equally important, makes one feel happierYears ago I found life easier when I followed the monochrome route. My lovely late husband did once comment that he wished I wore more colourful garments. I am trying and my wardrobe is more colourful than it used to be!

The Kettlewell tunic is bright and patterned! It fits me well and I am keeping it. The infinity scarf has been returned as it was far too wide and cumbersome for my small frame. I shall look out for stretch fabric and sew myself some in "my" width. I am stocking up on brightly coloured chiffon scarves as these are so easy to wear.

I know what Spring colours suit me and the Kettlewell site is helpful in that it has so many of the seasonal colours illustrated. There is also a fun quiz which identifies one's season though this cannot take the place of a professional consultation.

My colours include: jade green, bright turquoise, rich apricot, cobalt blue with variations of these shades. Shopping is definitely easier when one has certain colours in mind. I really like these shades

I will get round to taking images of some of my colourful garments as I know I will get honest, positive criticisms here!

I'm with Kari... I love the idea but find it super confusing. I can never get past the silver or gold test. I like them both! My mom always said I was a spring, I secretly believed I was an autumn (but hated those colors) and so I decided I was a winter, my favorite shades. I have since started to warm up (har) to some warmer colors. I might be one of those people (I suspect like many) who can work with lots of different kinds of colors.

Eirlys, would love to see you in your colours when you are ready to post pics

“There are supposed to be four universally flattering colors - soft pink/blush, true red, eggplant and teal. I wonder if people here have found that to be true?”

Eggplant and teal: hell yeah.
True red: if it’s cool, and usually I leave that to my hair and lips.
Blush and pastel pinks are terrible on me unless they are a metallic. (These rose gold mules.)

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Eirlys, your colors sound delicious and I can’t wait to see you in them:

“ My colours include: jade green, bright turquoise, rich apricot, cobalt blue with variations of these shades.”

Eirlys, I love the idea of color typing but finding the right seasonal classification can be complicated. My mother attempted to color type me when I was in my teens and thought I was a Spring. While I loved the Spring colors they never felt or looked right. In retrospect, I understand why my mother wrongly classified me as Spring. My eyes are a green toned grey, and can look very green when I wear warm tones. My skin is a slightly cool toned light medium olive. My skin is easily mistaken as fair toned and warm: My skin is medium toned and cool.

After my mother’s failure, I tried again. I ended up classified as both a Summer and as an Autumn by professional stylists using the 4 season system. Neither felt right and I gave up on the 4 Season system. Around six years ago I found someone skilled in the 12 Season color system, and was sorted into the Light Summer category. She explained why my coloring was hard to type, leading to previous classifications in both warm and cool toned categories. She demonstrated how to assess whether a color looks awful, good or great regardless of its season, enabling me to shop without the use of a palette in hand. I look good in many colors but the best colors are in the light summer category. I wear them, they make me happy, and my wardrobe is currently based on them.

I have learned that the right color is a good starting point for making an outfit. Silhouette, Contrast, and and the amount of color also makes a difference. Items with the correct colors but the wrong pattern type and size, or contrast will not flatter.. Knowing what complements your features results in the best personal style.

I am still making mistakes! I sent for a cobalt blue blouse from an on-line seller and now that it has been delivered see that it is a very "dull" shade of blue, not the bright cobalt colour I have in several garments. It's too much bother to return it so it will be given to charity.

Wearing more colourful clothes is uplifting especially these days when "grunge" dressing appears to be the norm. When did all this start? I recall Joan Collins writing in one of her books that the young would never be as beautiful "again", and deploring the grunge way so many of them dress. She did not include jeans worn with a white shirt and often topped with a black blazer in this category!

I’ve started adding colour to my handbags!

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Eirlys, how annoying about the top but good for you to not sweat it and just move on. It's so hard to judge colour online and I think some retailers 'enhance' the photos making it tougher still. Your handbags are fabulous!!

I'm an outlier in that I don't subscribe to this at all - I wear both cool and warm colors from cinnamon to cobalt blue. My favorite color is yellow and I used to think I couldn't wear it, especially close to my face. Now I wear it however I want because life is too short not to wear your favorite color! Of course I have my favorites, and I find that whatever color makes me happy usually looks good too.

My favourite colours are the ones I have listed. I dislike "dusty" colours. Don't mind a certain shade of baby pink but dislike some pink shades. Hate purple and mustard. Never wear grey. I feel happy in "my" colours and am adding to them fairly regularly now.

I took the test and I have:
Warm skin (yellow foundation)
Cool veins
Warm hair
Cool eyes


I thought I was cool, but now I’m not even sure any more!

There are only two things I’m sure of: I look good in medium blue, and brown looks a bit better on me than black.

Smittie, a yellowish overtone to the skin can be cool I think ... I have the same and I am cool and my hair is warm hah! This is why it's not perfect system!

Smitten and Torontogirl, when you have ambiguous coloring, and you want to stick with a seasonal system to create your wardrobe because it helps provide clear definition for capsules, the best way I know to resolve things is to use drapes and see which season is the most flattering overall. There will be one that is clearly better than the others. However, it’s a gift because you have the flexibility of borrowing colors from another season and can wear both cool and warm tones.

I have previously mentioned on the forum about the Elea Blake Color Drapes which are completely customized to your personal coloring. It’s a system that can be used for wardrobe, because they can provide personal color chips. It removes “seasons” and covers a broader range of tones, intensities and depths of both warm and cool colors. Once mine was complete, I noticed that most of my results overlap with the light summer seasonal palette, but I also have colors from the Autumn and Spring palettes as well.

Staysfit, I have! I won't get into the whole journey, but suffice it to say, I was draped in person by Christine Scaman, who is supposed to be top-notch; she was extremely certain that I am a soft summer, but I feel I can wear *some* brighter colours than what palette indicates really, and on the other hand, the really muted ones are not great. So, if I have to pick and choose even with a really specific palette, I figure I may as well work from a broader one.

To make a long story short, I use all the wonderful advice I've gotten as a starting point, but for whatever reason, I can't settle on a palette more specific than "mostly cool". (which is okay because I wear mostly neutrals anyhow!)

Thanks for starting this thread Eirlys; colour is a rabbit hole I go down every time!

I like the colours in my colour "swatch". However, if I really love an old garment that is in the "wrong" colour I wear a thin, collared blouse underneath. I read somewhere that one can wear any colour if a white collar is added. Must confess I am addicted to light coloured collars. Even had some in pearls! In the Fifties I even bought, and wore, a plasticky one that slid inside a top and was fastened with a brooch. After every wearing I wiped it clean with a damp cloth! The odd thing is people liked the effect!!

I've always joked that I am late fall/early winter -- and that might be even more true now that I have let the gray come into my hair. My skin is quite yellow-toned, and eyes are warm brown. My hair was originally light brown, now peppered with gray and white. I've always felt better in a cool dark brown than a red brown. And I've always gotten loads of compliments when I wear white, which I don't think is classic autumn. So, I guess I tend to see the whole seasonal colour thing a bit like I view recipes -- as a starting point that I then customize.

I do sort-of-subscribe to the theory. I am fairly easy to type as some sort of summer, and practice shows that the Cool Summer palette is overall my best one, but with a few Soft Summer colors thrown in. By now I am practiced enough in selecting colors that I know without hesitation what will look good - but occasionally buy less flattering colors if they spark joy and fit well with the rest of the palette. My worst colors though I know I can never make work as clothing items and keep only in accessories in judicious quantities.

Eirlys, what an interesting observation about grunge and the young. I was never a rebellious kid myself but I think that grunge has a lot to do with defying expectations, and there is certainly beauty in that. I saw Billy Eilish at the Oscars last night, and she has a conventionally pretty face, which I am sure many would like to see above a pastel gown like the ones around her, but she rocked her neon and black hair and oversize clothes and I thought she looked beautiful. I have seen and admired this on the other end of the spectrum too, where in a world where old women are traditionally expected to become drab and invisible, Iris Apfel rocks gorgeous colour and statement eyewear and jewelry.

Mmm... in that spirit, perhaps I should let go of the idea of best colours sometime and get something in that bright yellow I have been craving

Although in the end, didn't someone say that you have to first really learn the rules before you know how to break them

I have at last learnt how to take a full-length selfie on my iPad. I now have to learn the "correct" angle. Here is an image I took today. I am wearing a Kettlewell shirt in my Spring shade. Not too bright but a cheerful shade. I hope you agree.

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Great color on you!

Definitely Eirlys; it looks wonderful on you!