Yes, I did mean style searches. Otherwise mine would be "how to get rid of wasps" and "Maine coon cat traits", also books and movie reviews and cheap tickets to tropical places.

I'm currently feeling very dumb! I've never searched for clothes in this way. I always go to a store's website and check tops or dresses or whatever, and then move on to the next store. What do you find by searching with your terms? Ever found a treasure you wouldn't have found otherwise? Educate dummy me, please!

Ummm, New Arrivals on the Nordies site.

Hmm. Fun thread! My top search terms would be related to cooking and parenting and art, but I tend to imagine fashion/clothing items and then go looking for them, I.e., I wanted a navy a line knee length paneled linen skirt and went searching on google images and shopping til I found one.

New in at Boden
Blue shoes
A line
Small scale floral
Shift or sheath dress
Embroidery/broderie/pin tuck/eyelet
Navy tops and bottoms

By searching on plaid I found these garments.

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Peri, by combining search terms I can really narrow down the field. For example, "'metallic plaid citron shift dress" would pull up a dream item for me! Or one of these terms with an item I want, like "silver loafers".... My retail options are limited and online shopping is so horribly overwhelming otherwise! I do a lot of this kind of searching at Shopstyle, Nordstrom, ASOS, etc.




dystopian/ post apocalyptic

specific designers

I am surprised how many people don't do this. I feel overwhelmed otherwise. And shopstyle can be pretty helpful for narrowing the field. My searches have yielded numerous treasures, including my Ombre jacket of course!

I'm on a frantic hunt for light neutral shoes so I'm searching for metallic, snake, grey, silver and nude.

Non style search is for natural tick deterrents for people and dogs. Ugh!!!

Love this idea.

Navy and blues...
Navy and Pink...
Travel wardrobes
Swing and trapeze

So you go to a website like Nordstrom and enter those words in the search...or do you just enter them straight from google and see what links pop up? Which...or both?

I never thought of this, seriously. I do not feel smart!

I usually go to shopstyle and put the term in. Sometimes polyvore but I have less success with them. Or I go to one of the major retailers (ASOS is one of my faves) and put it in the search field. It's not really necessary for the smaller retailers because you can look at what they have to offer quite quickly.

I would put in one term in Nordstrom's search. Then narrow to women, etc., etc. Sometimes I'll search in google and narrow to shopping. I couldn't find anything otherwise. There would be too many results. I can glance at 100 things, but not 1000. Or in the case of Zappos, 10,000! Another place I've found things I like is Sierra Trading Post. Unfortunately I returned too many things and they fired me. Nordstrom hasn't done that yet, thank goodness.