I don’t wear pyjamas, preferring to sleep in the nude. However, when I don’t want to get dressed for the day right away, or if I’ve had a bath early in the evening, or I’m travelling, I want to wear something soft and comfortable that will look decent when I’m hanging out.

My ‘go-to’ to date, has been Capri length cotton jersey bottoms with a wide leg, and a long sleeve cotton T - both black. 2 identical sets. At the same time the sleeves of both tops, at the elbows, showed wear in a wide ladder tear, and the bottoms are very faded. I think I’ve been wearing them for 4 years!?

I’d like to upgrade as I replace. Preferably long (at least ankle length) length bottoms and long sleeves on the top. Any recommendations? I will be essentially building from scratch. (I’ve pressed a pair of yoga pants and a black T into temporary service while I sort this out.)