For anybody who’s purchased a pair of Blundstone Chelsea boots or Dr. Martens shoes in recent history, how did they break in and how have they held up?

I ordered a pair of Doc buckle Mary Janes and Blundstone brogue Chelsea boots and am uncertain as to how they’ll fit in the future.



The Blundstone in 10 are very roomy, less so with an orthotic, but still loose. The 9 would probably be too small, though. The company cautions that the boots will feel loose in the right size at first, but will mold to the foot. Is this case, and does the ankle portion of the boot soften? Can these be worn comfortably in hot and humid weather?

For the Docs, my initial impressions are consistent with the reviews. They’re a fun shoe, but the leather is predictably very stiff—so much so that I thought I was going to cut myself in the back of the heel trying them on. I don’t recall having this issue from my old pair (circa 2007), and am wondering whether filing the edges and using a leather softener would make a significant difference. According to the reviews, Docs require a slow break-in wearing socks, but there are also cases where the shoes never cease to cause blisters. I’d ideally like to be able to wear these without socks or stockings, but this may be wishful thinking.