Between participating here and attending my first YLF meetup this February, I have a pretty good idea about the different types of people that frequent the forum. We're a fun, friendly bunch, with varied interests, and broad talents. We like fashion, we like food, we like to travel, we like to read …

And some of us like to totally rock out.

I was listening to Pandora and a song by a band I had never heard of came on. I liked it so I gave it my Pandora 'Thumbs Up.' I realized a few moments later, that I didn't just like it, I kind of loved it, so I decided to look them up. Pandora didn't offer anything on this mystery band, Bemular, so I moved on to Google and Bing. A few clicked links and I had landed on their website, which featured the cover art for their upcoming album. It took me a second to progress from puzzlement to utter gleeful shock - I was staring at a picture of YLF sweetheart, Rae, sitting outside in her wedding dress, looking totally gorgeous and at the same time totally badass.

No need to worry, it turns out that Rae isn't trying to keep her involvement in Bemular private, she's just so freakin' blasé about the whole thing that she's never thought to mention it here. How rock star is that?

Seriously, check it out:

You can get their stuff through Amazon and iTunes and a few other places, but I'm hoping Rae will (stop blushing long enough to) weigh in on which place is their preferred seller before I buy everything they've ever released!

Oh - and like them on Facebook for a free download!

Whoo hoo!!!

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