The votes are in!
So here is the schedule (counting back from the fifth to the first most requested painting):

Monday: #6 Picasso, Boy with a Pipe
Description: The painting depicts a Parisian boy holding a pipe in his left hand and wearing a garland or wreath of flowers. He is wearing a blue shirt and a pair of pants in exact color. His cool, white skin stands in contrast to his outfit. He is sitting against a reddish brown background. Behind him, we can see bouquets of flowers in soft, neutral colors such as white, soft yellow, peach, lime, and, olive kelly green.

Tuesday: #3 Klimt, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I
Description: I am very happy that this painting made the cut, because Klimt is one of my favorite artists. I was very lucky to see some of his work, including The Kiss, in Vienna.
Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I is as the name suggests the portrait of a woman, the wife of a wealthy Viennese industrialist. This is an excellent example of Klimt's gold period, in which he used gold leaf prominently. He was also inspired by mosaics, so the painting looks like a mosaic made up of million little pieces. Adele is depicted in a sitting position. She has very dark brown hair, somewhat droopy, tired eyes and beautiful red lips. We can make out the very white skin of her face, neck and hands, which are gracefully positioned to cover a deformed finger. She is wearing several bracelets (gold and silver) and a huge choker with crystals. Apart from a very soft, baby green below the horizon line, which is depicted with a black and white border, the rest of the painting (i.e, her dress and the background against which she is standing) looks like a huge mosaic made up of gold. Apart from gold, there is very little color (a tiny bit of red and blue here and there); this painting is all about shapes. You can find all sorts of geometic patterns: squares, semi circles, ovals, swirls, triangles, evil eyes, even dots, which look like they've been drawn on gold with various shades of black, dark brown, reddish brown, etc.

Wednesday: #7 Picasso, Nude, Green Leaves and Bust
Description: Nude features Picasso's mistress and muse Marie-Therese. She is depicted naked in the foreground of the painting in a lying position, her arms behind her head. Her eyes are closed as if she is sleeping. Of course, like all Picasso pictures, this figure and everything else in the painting is highly stylized, almost like a caricature. The figure's skin has a lilac hue and her hair is blond. There is a gray plate with three fruits of different sizes on it, possibly apples. She is laying on a brown background. In the upper part of the picture, there is blue curtain. The curtain is light blue on the left side of the picture and cobalt on the right as if the ligth is coming from the left. In front of the curtain, stands the bust of a man. The bust looks like marble and is standing on a gray pillar. Next to the bust, there is a big, vibrant green plant with enourmous leaves. All the colors in this picture are very vivid.

Thursday: #9 Picasso, Dora Maar with Cat
Friday: #10 Van Gogh, Irises

- The challenge will run between May 16-20 (that's next week!)
- Each day you will wear, photograph and post on the forum an outfit inspired by a famous artwork. You can be inspired by the colors, the mood, or even the name of the painting. Anything about the painting that strikes your fancy and tickles your imagination, really.
- I will start a new thread each day for you to post that day's outfit.
- You can do all 5 days, or just participate for one day. No pressure!
- I will try to describe each painting to the best of my ability so Michelle can play too if she wants. I started with Monday's above. I'd appreciate your help in this, as I am a very visual learner and find it hard to verbalize visual cues.

What is the purpose of the challenge?
- The first rule of YLF: Have fun with fashion!
- But also: come up with new combinations, learn to draw inspiration from unorthodox sources, widen our imagination, see how different members interpret the same visual sources differently, etc. and did I say have fun?

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