I would have guessed that Louise was the one in heels, and I see that that was a common error.

I wasn't sure about the cream moto, and any intelligent guess I might have made was overwhelmed by amazement that there is a place in the Northern hemisphere right now where it's actually possible to wear a moto jacket.

Can't wait for the blog post!

April - it's London! I think that I removed my jacket half a dozen times during the day and at one stage was regretting my decision not to wear a skirt and bare legs. In other words it was a typical London day at any time of the year!

I'm really suprised everyone thought I'd be the one in heels! I'm only a heels gal if i'm sitting down.
Fi I too wish I'd dressed different. I think ele nailed it. I wish I'd worn sandals my feet where so hot which made my body hot. And my asthma acts up when it's humid and I'm hot. I shall know for next time x

I had a 4:30am start to get to London that morning so the only thing I was thinking about was being warm waiting for the bus to the airport. I ended up carrying it for most of the day though.

Dawn, I LOVE the V&A museum, ALL of it. When I was there they had an exhibition of The Supremes frocks, wigs etc from the 60's - fantastic! And Lady Di's silver sheath dress. Their haute couture exhibition had just ended
but was in Australia when we returned for home leave 6 months later
and then the bushfires closed us all down :(.
I would love to join the next YLF get together..........

Gosh darn! I only got #5 right and I thought I knew you all so well. I can't wait for the write-up and pics!

I am in Edinburgh right now but wanted to quickly check in and say that I had a wonderful time meeting Dawn, Fi, Ele and Louise. All of them are more beautiful and fashionable in person!! What a diverse and lovely group of woman. I am hoping we can do this every year!
Great job on the quiz ladies!
Julie, I sent you a PM- hope you can meet sometime Friday.

and it was lovely to meet you too Miss Jean!