Happy New Year, everybody!

I have no outfit to post right now because I just stayed home in blue jeans and a cozy hoodie, but I'll be dressed up for fun tomorrow and I'll definitely get a picture--posting more outfit photos was one of my style goals for this year. Teaser: it'll involve unconventional sequins.

Another goal some of you expressed interest in joining me on was getting my ENTIRE wardrobe into Finds. I want to use it as an organizational system because I have never been able to find an adequate one elsewhere, and since I enjoy this community so much, I thought it'd be nice to be able to easily reference things I have and use the collections tool to group things together.

So without further ado, I offer a YLF Finds Challenge I've been thinking about for the last few weeks!

Every week (until it's done), I'm going to set a mini goal to get a portion of my wardrobe into Finds. For others who are interested in joining me, feel free to either use the same mini goal as I'm using, or come up with your own if it suits your needs better. (For example, I own very few bags, so that could easily be a goal for the week, but someone who is a bag person and has LOTS might find that task daunting; or, because I own relatively few of them, I might choose to do bags AND shoes in the same week.)

For the first week, I think I WILL do bags and shoes, now that I've mentioned it--I think I own four bags total and a few more pairs of shoes than that, so it's a good amount of work but not too intimidating. Some of them are already in Finds because I added them when I purchased them. Bonus, I'll also do my eyewear, since I only have two pairs of glasses and one pair of sunglasses (which have an outdated prescription and are being kept despite my having gotten transition lenses only because I think they'd still be good for long car rides or spending a great deal of time outside).

After I've added everything for my mini goal, I'll comment back here with all my new finds added. I also might reflect a bit on what's missing from certain capsules as I see it all together in one place. If anyone else wants to play, feel free to do the same--let's cheer each other on!