Dear Hil,

The moment you joined our forum, I knew we were in for a treat. From your edgy haircuts to your bold lip right down to the red shoes that you enjoy, there’s a smart, authentic, and spunky energy to you that beams across the internet and straight into our hearts. It’s been a genuine pleasure getting to know you over the past year and a bit. And how great is it that you live in sunny south Africa. Just the thought of that is enough to warm these frigid bones.

And what a year you’ve had. All the usual ups and downs of a MOTG to some beautiful kids. But also, you’ve changed jobs (and found a happier workplace where you’re more valued and appreciated. (Meanwhile, I’m still crossing fingers that you’ll be considered for the promotion you mentioned — if not immediately, then soon).

But there’s been some sadness, also: You’ve lost a beloved kitty, you’ve had to say goodbye to the doula world at least temporarily; you’ve also said goodbye to a revered national leader who changed the entire world by his shining example.

In other words, it’s been a year of major transitions, and now in the midst of it all, you are facing the transition to a new season in South Africa — gearing up for autumn, but not feeling 100% fab about what is in your closet. And finding it tricky to shop, as well.

As if you need another challenge, right? But hey, don't blame me! You signed on for this.

Now that I've got you well and truly terrified, here goes:

I know that your workplace allows you to dress quite casually.

So my challenge to you is to create and show us a Business Casual Capsule for Fall — modelled on Angie’s Business Casual Capsule for Spring (in North America).

3 toppers, 4 bottoms, 5 tops, and whatever accessories you like — mix and match to your heart’s content.

Be sure to interpret her guidelines to fit your own style persona. No need to try to look "corporate" or conservative.

If you’re lacking one or more of these items -- or even all of these items -- that’s okay. Go “shopping” — and find the item you’d like to add to your closet and show us a picture. (If it turns out it’s affordable and you can actually add it to your closet later on this season, well that’s a bonus!)

In fact…since you’ve been wanting to add more quality to your closet, additional bonus points for an online or real-life shopping expedition to a higher end merchant of your choice — just to look, for now. You don’t have to make a purchase that is out of budget. But if you do see something that would add what you're looking for to your closet, all the better.

Further bonus points for incorporating some of the boho hippie touches that you love.

This post is part of the YLF Challenge Chain 2014
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