Some time ago I wrote about Ugliness and so many people responded and posted positive uplifting comments. I did a follow up in which I confessed that the post was written following the death of my husband. It was written at a vulnerable time and I did find so much comfort from your posts.

I am in a much more positive frame of mind now. I have taken so many chances lately, the biggest one being. a house swop with my youngest. He lives in a small one-bedroom flat : I live in a large 5-bedroom house in a very rural area. It means that I will now be within walking distance of shops and restaurants. If I don't like it, we will swop back.

So many people are intrigued with this arrangement : a change of occupancy , not of ownership. I am discovering a different chapter in my life : one that has been thrust upon me but that I am going to tackle positively.

Today daughter and I had lunch out and the couple at the next table started a conversation. They were in. my age bracket an the conversation ended with the statement that they would keep an eye out for me on their regular visits to this particular restaurant.

A sympathy letter arrived from our vet and she asked to meet up for coffee as she had always enjoyed our conversations! She has a new baby whom I have yet to meet.

What am I trying to say? There are times when Life's ugliness is reflected in one's thoughts, and even attitudes'

I feel so much better these days.