I have never thought of yellow or mustard as 'my' colours. I always gravitated to red, blue, pink and neutrals.

Yellow was my Mother's favourite colour - she loved it and loved to wear bright colours. Mum died 20 months ago and since then, I have been drawn to yellow and mustard. I have been surprised that I enjoy wearing it and have gradually collected clothing in different shades of yellow, a collection that happened without me even being particularly aware of it.

Every time I wear yellow, I always think of my Mum. As a Stay-at-Home Mum, she did not have much opportunity to dress up, so whilst she would have loved my dresses, it is unlikely she would have bought them for herself. The bright yellow blouse would have been more likely to be what she would have worn herself.

My first yellow acquisition was the gold velvet dress, I bought it on sale and was really unsure but it was just after Mum had passed and I did think at the time "she would love this on me'. It has proved to be a real workhorse, having had it for close to 2 years now and going into its 3rd winter. My initial foray into yellow was a wildcard purchase that paid off.

My most recent acquisition was this satin yellow dress, which is more of a sour yellow rather than mustard. With my climate, these dresses are fine to wear most of the year including winter, because my winter is mild and I can wear a jacket or coat for warmth. I really like how bright and cheerful a yellow / mustard dress is on a cold wet day and enjoy having a new to me colour in my wardrobe.