Thanks, Angie too for the Pick but oyvay, the stock photos and color name!

When Suz showed it and described the color I saw Possibilities.
It was sold out but them camd back in bit by bit by color and size. I figured I needed the S, and wanted the " espresso" but it wasn't available at first, so I ordered others to get a bead on size & color, but finally ended up in the right place.
It's really a gray! What I might call graphite. So, dark but better for me than black.
I love the idea of turtlenecks , feeling very clasic and French and all, but I struggle with them because of something about how they fall or lie is too narrowing on top and does not give the right proportion. This is even when I size for fluid fit. the exception is boxier cowl neck styles.
But this one has a really interesting fit and drape, as Suz showed so well.

The other neat thing is that it also works TUCKED in for me. It's because it is thin and takes up little room, but tucked it is then boxy and can be bloused out a bit over waistband, which is great for proportions with pencil skirt, and some pants--like boxy over fitted but with a waist! Then it almost seems like you are wearing a different top.
I probably would have even kept a brownish color, but the gray is so much more versatile for me. It even goes with the speckled blazer.
So thank you Angie and Styling Suz!