American Football (not the same game called football every where else on the planet, called "soccer" in the US) is hardly ever canceled because of weather. They play in rain, snow, wind, and icy temperatures.

Today the New England Patriots are playing the New York Jets in the Patriots stadium in Foxboro Mass. Kickoff is 1pm EST, with temperature predicted to be 10 F. Today's game may not break the records from a game in January 2004 when it was in the single digits and the wind chill made it feel like 10-15 below, but it sure will be cold. We're into the start of the playoffs so fans are pumped on both sides.

The players on both teams have heated benches, space blankets, and all manner of other tech clothing to keep them warm.

What to wear as fans? Many moons ago I had a boss who was a diehard fan and he explained it to me. You just add some special items to your regular outdoor cold weather gear. To survive several hours in what's usually a windy stadium, here is what you need. He owned ALL of these items:

1 - stadium management will be giving out hand warmer packs to everyone today
2 - battery heated socks
3 - battery heated gloves
4 - a cold weather sleeping bag to wrap yourself in up to the neck

I will be watching from my couch, with a cashmere wrap, a cat under one hand and the other holding a cup of hot tea. Central heating for me!