3 (black pants) and 5 (dark dress) would be my picks for indoors.
Very nice all around though, Sal!

These are such wonderful outfits and all great for the occasion. No 1 stands out to me as particularly gorgeous. You look so amazing in that blouse - love the colors and the pattern on you. I am with Brooklyn about adding the jacket to the look too.

Any of your choices would be grand - I'm partial to #2, though.

Thanks all! Such a mixed bag of opinions which I guess is good:)

Cheers April - I liked this look too!

Thanks Katerina - I love this blouse and this was originally my pick. Aside from the soft grey jacket, the others aren't quite right with it though. I have coats but not the right jacket. It will be warm inside though and I could layer under if needed.

Thanks bj1111 - once I remembered this combo I was thinking this as I posted....snacks are no problem with this dress...

Thank you Smittie - I have only worn 3 once, but want to repeat. It is a bit cold for the general work days at the moment but would be fine for a night indoors function.

Thanks Fashintern - I sort of summarised what my friend said, basically that anything goes......but not too overdressed....but it is not a backyard BBQ or pool hall. I don't have too many jacket options aside from blazers - two in fact - a gold bomber which I do like - and a red leather jacket - which I don't love at all. Aside from that we move into coats or puffers.

Thank you Zaeobi - I will have fun I am sure....I have to be careful not to stay out too late as I will be coralling 20 rugby players on Saturday morning!! I don't have any bright shoes (aside from teal sandals)...so can't do that option sorry!

Thanks Sally - I want to wear them all again so that is a good sign!

Thank you Carol - to my eye 2 and 5 are a bit cooler, 1 and 3 are a bit more elegant/flattering and 4 is a bit more festive... so maybe I should go with my emotions.

Rachy - 5 definitely says comfy and lots of room for party snacks..

Thanks Suz. The walk to the venue is about 5 minutes...I think it will be fairly warm inside luckily. More of a standing up chatting venue than a sitting down one hence why I think comfy shoes rather than heels...

Thanks Liesbeth - I wonder if there will be dancing - there may be!! Dresses are more fun to dance in:)

Thanks Laurie!!

Thanks Phoebe - I did summarise my friends comments (I asked if the dress code was cocktail or more casual) - I had been hoping cocktail so I could wear a new unworn dress!!

Thanks Angie - thank you! I feel lucky to have a few looks that will work in my closet - that is the beauty of YLF that I am not stressing about purchasing some thing new!!

Suntiger - I love this dress too but I have decided it feels very spring/summer and it might be a bit cold for the night. But I could change my mind....

Thanks Brooklyn - the Veronika Maine blouse is nice with the grey jacket and I could try that. I could also wear camel boots with it. I haven't worn it yet with black but will but I think black pumps would be best and I am not sure I want to wear heels for this night (I am a bit out of practice!!)

Thanks Sisi - yes I think bling will be the key. Thank you - I do love this blouse and don't wear it enough.

Star - it is at night and since it is the very end of autumn it is dark and cold outside..... thank you!

Thanks Jenni - thank you! I always appreciate your reasoning behind your feedback because we do have preferences that underly these decisions. Yes I am pleased my friend can celebrate - our birthdays are one day apart and funnily enough we were in the same Newborn unit as babies (in the day when the babies were in one room and the Mums down the hall in another!!)

Thank you Jenna!! Most appreciated.

Thanks Bijou! I want to wear that David Pond dress badly - and could wear it with a blazer and white sneakers. I don't currently have a denim jacket and I do have a leather one, but only wear it to work about once a month...I feel the dress will come into its own from September to March. You are the expert of dressing down beautiful dresses and I admire your ability to do so - I think the light coloured but detailed boots help - and wonder if something a long the lines of your star boots would work for me.

Thanks all- I have learnt a few things from this exercise

1) My wardrobe is mostly working well for me
2) In the past I would have dressed up jeans with pumps or high heeled boots - I actually still like this look but rarely do it now.
3) There are so many good ideas from this thread - a couple of new combinations that I hadn't thought of.

I will update with a WIW afterwards!!