I know there have been frequent conversations here, over the years, about finance being a sector in which you should dress on the conservative side. Are you specifically in finance? If so, in your shoes, I wouldn’t wear sneakers. (See what I did there? )

“Competent and assertive”, at this high level, and with media present (I’m certain you’ll have media present). For me, that means something tried and true, that I feel like a million bucks in. I like that dark dress, with the grey blazer, and light-colored, elegant accessories that light up your face. Your best cream or blush or nude or silver or pale gold.

I don’t know where you stand on makeup, but let’s be honest, men are visual creatures, like birds, and I’ve always noticed a little extra mascara and soft lip color can go a long way in getting better manners out of a guy.

Very interested by the camel slingbacks idea. In theory, you're combining neutrals which should work to create an understated, elegant but not overly formal outfit but would the ratio of black to grey and camel actually work?


I love those blush oxfords and think they'd be delicious with the grey blazer. What to wear to fill in the space in between? Maybe the new pants, or the black dress. Go ahead and get noticed, just a little--you're there to network.

It has been an interesting thread - I think there is scope to improve my fallback outfit.

I do want to feel really confident on the day and am prepared to shop for the day. I am short of a smart work proper capsule and as my role has changed (to be more outward facing rather than behind the scenes) it will be important to have a couple more go to looks.

Phoebe- I need to do a try on for sure....right now, I don't know!

Fashintern - I agree and thank you!

Sal, do you mean more of a business casual or business formal look? May I suggest adding a playful touch. And YES! Go shop for something fab. You will use the items again and again.

Angie - the boundaries are so blurred now that it is really tricky. And my thoughts are changing.....

My take (from talking to others) is that men will mostly be in suits, or dress trousers and blazers. Their may be people from rural businesses in polo/chino as well possibly. I think women will run the full range too.

A skirt suit would feel overkill for me - a trouser suit, dress and blazer, blazer and pants, even a slightly more arty look would work. I am open to any of the above. New dress pants or work appropriate shoes or both would both be really useful additions to the wardrobe so I lean that way.

To be honest, I have had very few reasons to feel excited about dressing up in 2020 so am seizing on this opportunity.

Sal, how about buying fabulous NAVY work pants instead of black? (You tend to look better in blue than in black. ) A NAVY PANTSUIT might be very useful also in the future. Or wear navy pants with your grey blazer.

Choose a patterned blouse/shirt with some blush (and perhaps navy) in the pattern, and wear your blush shoes which look perfect for spring and add a subtle playful and feminine touch. If you prefer to wear a solid top, you could either choose a blush one or add a scarf with some blush (and perhaps navy) in the print, to echo your shoes. Or you could buy a pair of fab navy shoes, e.g. low slingbacks, perhaps with a touch of white/blush/camel.

Woe, exciting, hope you will show us wyw!:-)


*rubs hands with excitement*

When are you going shopping?

Probably in the weekend I think - I may call today to one shop. We have just dropped our restrictions again here after a tightening through August again as Covid arrived back in NZ. It has been a while since I did more than very casual shopping in person.

I love all the ideas and will definitely get a pic for you.

I really think the shoes are the key here. Get the shoes right, and the rest of the outfit will fall into place.

This is one area where men have it so much easier! Their default dressy shoes are a lot more practical than even the most sensible pumps.

Yeah, I'm with Jenn -- the shoes are the ticket. Whatever footwear you get will show you the way. Can't wait to see what you get!

Yeah! Shoes are really important. Especially if you have any dealings with engineers. You know the joke about the extroverted engineer? Looks at your shoes instead of their own!

I'm just following along, excited for this opportunity! I agree that you have a good fall-back option with the dress, gray blazer, nude shoes and black/camel bag. And definitely your aviators. I like the Cat's suggestion of a navy-based capsule for long term.

I’ll watch for you on the news!