On Monday I have been invited to a business lunch with a few people, whom I don't know at all well (and in fact I have never met them), all men, where we listen to the Minister of Finance talk to a group of business people. There may be media there as it is election time. He is similar to the Secretary of Treasury in the US, or Chancellor of the Exchequer in the UK, or Minister of Finance in other nations with a PM like Australia or Canada).....

I don't go to many of these sorts of functions at all where business formal attire or smart business will be needed - outside our industry which is pretty casual.

My trusty black pants (ankle crop) are looking tired and in need of replacement. I could look for a replacement immediately and wear these along with a blouse and black double breasted jacket.

I could wear my black sheath dress with either the black blazer or soft light grey blazer over the top. But I am unsure about shoes with this - courts might feel too dressy for the semi rural location. I could wear the blush oxfords if I wore the black blazer but I don't know about them with the grey?

I am open to getting something completely new here - but I want it to go on and be useful in the future. I am thinking of something along the lines of either-

- new smart work pants
- new work appropriate shoes
- new work appropriate dress

What would you wear to this sort of occasion?