I know I am going out of order here. For YLF purposes I don't think it matters.

Here is my proposed outfit for Saturday. On this day, I have several events, ranging from early morning until 11 pm.

At 9:30 am I am hosting Naomi Duguid, meaning I introduce her and thank our sponsors etc. at the first event of the day.

I will be on site most of the day following, and then at 5:30 to 6:30 pm I am appearing in an event. I'll be reading some of my poetry and participating in an onstage discussion.

Later that evening, I may or may not be attending a speakeasy event. If I do go to that event, I would probably bring something different to change into, if I could figure out a way to do that. It is tough to come up with one outfit that serves all these purposes. I could possibly bring the tunic top from yesterday's thread and a different pair of shoes.

My proposed daytime outfit and appearance outfit (late afternoon) is this one.

Shevia Rag&Bone shirt
M&M shrunken jacket
Doc Saras
One of two pencil skirts.

So....the blue one. I like the length. BUT IT DRIVES ME INSANE with hose even with a slip. I don't have the right slip. So it is bunching and creating all kinds of fussiness. I quickly discovered I cannot wear this IRL. Which brings up the question, should I keep that skirt after all? It really is NOT going to work well with tights.

Alternative skirt is the Halogen seamed skirt. Is it okay? It does match the trim on the top, after all. But I worried that fuchsia and black would be a little passé.

Thoughts welcome! And again, my apologies for crowding the forum this week!

ETA: copied from my reply to Jonesy below to give you a clearer sense of the event: The poetry book has 50s inspired cover art (not my book but an anthology I appear in) and the whole event is a bit retro. The book is called Desperately Seeking Susans and it's an anthology of poetry by Canadian poets all called SUSAN! So I was going for a sort of mixed 80s/ 50s vibe here quite deliberately. I should have been a bit more clear about that.

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