In the last bi-weekly linkups post Suntiger mentioned a blog 'Fullifereflections'. When I went to check it out I found quite a few interesting ideas on various topics. One in particular resonated with me a lot, and that is looking at an item of clothing and asking 'would I buy it now?' Now I have a way too big closet that I would love to pare down to a third of it's size. I have an up-to-date list on my computer of all the items I own which I am using to track wears. So, I made another column and very quickly was able to assess each item; Would I buy it now? and if No, why not? I found this logical method so much easier for me than 'Does it spark joy?'. Interestingly, I only would buy a third of what I currently own, it actually matches my long-term goals. Also very helpful was to see patterns emerging of where my current style preferences are, ie. neutrals for tops and pants, colors for toppers and patterns reserved for stand alone dresses and mid-summer tops, also with regard to fit, and styles I no longer favour. Alot of the items are old but in great shape - some were on my Yes list still. Most of the items I have purchased in the last 2 years are on my Yes list too (a good sign that I am making less purchasing mistakes). This is not to say I am about to purge 2/3rds of my closet, as some of the No's I do still like and wear even though I would not buy them now. Some Yes items are actually a bit worn out and should be purged. However this exercise has produced some valuable insight into my style evolution and will help with future purchasing. Also maybe I will try and live with only the Yes items for a while and see if I can really get by on that smaller sized wardrobe. Has anyone else ever used this method?