I really like Angie's post on the BR dress. I really want to order it. However, in examine the picture in detail, I noticed it doesn't look too flattering on the bottom half, especially back view. Even on this skinny model it looks as if the back bottom is somewhat tight.

Also, I have a high but short waist, and with quite a bit tummy giggle and a big behind, an apple shape in the making. I'm afraid the shirring will ride up to my waist, and leaves the hip/tummy area more tight and highlighted.

Too bad they don't have this at my local Nordstrom for me to try. I don't like to order unless I feel I have a decent chance of Sucess. Is this a legit concern this dress is not for my shape, or I am wanting someone to talk me out of it ? Besides I am really looking for a raspberry/purple family color. What say you, oh wise YLF?

ETA: I meant a pear shape, not Apple. Lol. See my latest update below.