Great skirt. Bookends beautifully with your hair. Especially love it with #4; also with #2.

More love for #4... the tonal combo with the sneakers is perfection.

I don’t think the beiges of the sweater and skirt need to be a perfect match; they seem close enough to tie the outfit together. To be honest, same as Jenni it’s the different yellows that are jarring to my eye (but not at a glance, only upon analysis). I also think the black in the sweater could use some balancing out on the bottom. So that’s why I suggested the leopard shoes (but also just for maximal for fun!). But another black shoe might work too. However the leopard does pick up a few colours.

The yellow shoes might work with the sweater and jeans or another dark bottom. The yellows still won’t match (to my eye they are looking neon vs pale butter) but I believe in trying every combo cause you never know. It’s a nice sweater.

You look fab in a slip skirt

I love this for you, Carla. The juxtaposition with the chunky sweater in 4 might be my fave, but you have loads of great options. The striped sweater with the new yellow shoes is brilliant, too -- I am always a huge fan of finding ways to bring together colours one might not initially think "work" together!

And I agree with Suz that this is champagne, dahling!!