So many good ideas here! Seconding having a small wardrobe of high quality items, tailored to fit you brilliantly. I am a huge fan of navy and grey; could you add some lighter greys to your collection? Is there a leather or fabric Moto style jacket that would suit you? What about some slightly lower cut faux wrap front blouses to mix things up? A fun and perfectly fitting outerwear layer? Your uniform is perfect for you.

What a plethora of good advice!
Jane, congratulations on your new position! I don’t have much else to add, except that quality accessories: (Hermès scarf, good quality leather goods) always elevate an outfit. A Tonal approach to color as Angie and others have suggested speaks sophistication to me. Best of everything to you-you are perfect just the way you are- the clothes just help you express your perfection!

Annabelle, thank you for your fab suggestions. I am a big fan of navy and grey, and it is great to be reminded how well they can tone together. The animal prints always draw me in!

Madeline, thank you, it is a lovely thread! Sweet of you to offer such support and kind compliments. It means a lot!