Earlier in the year I had a goal to improve my work capsule to reflect my more outward facing job and my increased need for conferences and meetings. Most of the meetings and conferences never happened but I have added to the work capsule anyway. I found pieces easily this year (too easily in some ways) but there is nothing (except one hat) that I regret adding in - I am enjoying my clothes and having a wardrobe more aligned to my needs as I increased my work hours and do less running around after my sons (who are increasingly independent).

Here is the link to the original thread.


Many of my other clothing items also get worn for work or mixed in with these pieces for smart casual outfits. I can mix in denim, midi dresses, sneakers and even tee shirts depending on the day. I have some days purely in the office, some in the workshop, some working from home and some meeting with clients.

The changes are that I now have:

- four blazers (instead of two)
- three pairs of work pants (one replacement, one new, one existing)
- new black work dress
- new cognac low heeled shoes
- new rusty spot camisole (to wear under blazers)
- two new smart knit tops
- new black culottes
- new pink fine gauge knit sweater
- new pink oxfords

I love all the pieces below (I do have a love/hate relationship with the white trousers and the fitted black blazer with the big shoulders) and have more outfits than I have need for right now. The white pants are a fantastic fit but a little tricky for me to style, and the black blazer really works with very specific pieces due to the cropped fit and bustle at the back.

In 2021 I am thinking of
- new smart winter coat (thigh length)
- patterned blouses that work with the three pairs of pants and with the blazers. I have relied on knit tops or shell tops rather than blouses recently.

And of course some of these pieces may wear out - but I feel as though I have some leeway now.

I do hope to put this to even better use in 2021. But I hope even more fervently that the pandemic eases in other countries.