Hi All,

The hole in my closet at the moment is smart workwear.


Most of the time: I work from home 2-3 days a week and from our business the balance (about 30 hrs a week). Most of the time I can literally wear what I like - jeans, dresses, sandals, sneakers etc Mostly I need to be practical and comfortable. Sometimes I need to wear "tough" clothes as I might wear a hi vis vest and be in the stores or hangar areas.

Occasionally: I attend conferences, meetings, seminars and need to look smart. I don't need a suit but I need to be more professional. These occasions might happen 10-15 days a year but can be 2-3 days in a row.

What do I want:

I am not worried about the average week - but I do need to upgrade the smart professional workwear to a good capsule for three days. I want it to be trans-seasonal.

I want to do this in a logical fashion so my work capsule is cohesive - I do have a number of other pieces that can be mixed in but I don't want to base decisions around them.

The core pieces to work around are:

- my existing black heels and boots
- my black and camel Furla handbag

In the finds below you will see my existing pieces. All are in good condition except for the black pants which need updating.

My thoughts are:

Existing light grey/blue blazer
** One new addition

Existing two blouses (black, floral)
** Knitwear option to go with one or both toppers
** A long sleeve blouse

Existing white pants with black fleck
**Updated version of black pants
** Other pants

** Loafers or flat covered shoes - not black - but coordinating with above
Existing black boots
Existing Pumps

Black and camel bag

** Smart medium weight coat

So in summary I think seven pieces - some could be second hand.

  • one blazer
  • two pants
  • one footwear
  • two tops
  • one coat

I am unlikely to purchase online internationally due to the shipping/return issue. But I am interested in the sort of pieces that you think I might suit or work for me either in photos or finds. Colours that appeal for this capsule are black, camel, vanilla white and red. But I am open to others! Colours that I am not drawn to are optic white, citron, charcoal and cool olives/taupes.

Any ideas or input are most welcome. It is possible it will become urgent depending on the result of a phone call today!

Thanks in advance