If you don’t care for my overthinking, feel free to head to the end of this post and vote red or white

I am on the lookout for a new work bag or even several new bags. Spendy, me??

Seriously though. I used to own a boring laptop bag (messenger style) + fancy large shoulder bag for personal belongings and snacks. For ergonomic reasons I swapped out the messenger bag for a backpack – didn’t spend much to test drive the idea. I kept using my large shoulder bag too. Recently I started commuting by bike once or twice a week. Not good with shoulder bag. So I decluttered and put everything in the backpack. Except this is inconvenient when quickly reaching for keys, wallet and transitioning to evening and weekend errands. Conclusion: I must wear a small crossbody bag together with my backpack.

So here I’ve created a new need

I’m building a blush complement; it’s high on my priority list. But I’ve looked in so many places (online) and I cannot find ‘the one’ that’s practical and pretty, and in the mean time I have practical needs. I have found a tiny crossbody which is like a wallet with a long detachable strap. It looks gorgeous and could hold my bare essentials. With the strap detached I could even put it inside a larger bag – which could then be blush... And I could stop looking frantically for that.

Do you think my reasoning makes sense, or am I going bag(sh*t)crazy??

If you think I’ve come up with a good solution, then do cast your vote on this tiny bag in either red (a happy color for me, which brightens up my mostly neutral outfits of navy, white, tan and grey) or ‘koala’ (a whitish shade that looks fresh and may be more versatile)!

Next up (but hopefully in many more months) I will want to replace the ‘tryout’ backpack with a fancy new one…

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