I was very hesitant to take a job in homeless services, and I was very overwhelmed the first few months after I started. Nobody else at our location does a job like mine, so I had to figure evout on my own. There have been alot of changes recently, with more coming...BUT I feel like I have found my footing and my place within the organization. I'm good at my job and I enjoy working with my clients. I don't need accolades to know that I'm doing a good job (the clients whom I have placed into permanent housing prove that), but it is nice when they happen. This week, I was announced as Employee of the Month and I also impressed our new head of Behavioral Services with my abity to whip up and format a three month agenda for my LifeSkills group (which I will now lead 2 times per week) in a 24 hour period. She praised both the work and my work ethic, so that was really nice to hear. I'm glad that my first "real" job has been with an organization that gives positive feedback and appreciates me.