My word is REFRESH. Since you all know what a crappy year I had, this shouldn't be too much of a surprise. I feel a strong need to refresh most areas of my life--my home (even though it's new, it's been through a lot), my friendships, my skin (I am looking dried out and tired lately).

Interestingly, I am not sure where my wardrobe fits with that. I think I want to refresh a few things rather than revamp, though. I think my new moniker of Colorful French Girl fits with where I was already going and will not be a huge change.

My color is green. I've been very attracted to it lately, due to my work (environment-related). I painted my office jade green. I bought a green jacket, though it's kind of shading towards peacock, and keep looking at green outerwear. I think green fits with refresh and my desire to be colorful.

I will add that I have not been especially energized by much of what my favorite retailers have been releasing. This could be because my wardrobe is sufficient now, or else that people are wanting basic items right now.

BR is doing a good job by going back to their roots, though.

I am able to include some more specific goals than in my last post:

  • Refresh under things and socks (have started)
  • Keep adding to lounge capsule, now that I have a home where I can control the temperature (has been in progress)
  • Continue looking for pants that fit me better and are a more relaxed silhouette (continuing from late 2021)
  • Assess whether all my tops will go with non-skinny bottoms. I think I have a few that are best with skinny jeans. I will need to see if they go with other bottoms, since most skinny bottoms are gone from my wardrobe.
  • Cull some of my rattier looking summer clothes without adding too much back in. It should be two out, one in if anything has to go in at all.
  • Figure out which boots and closed-toed shoes don't work anymore; make adjustments by adding insoles where I can. I have developed tailor's bunions, and the bottoms of my feet seem to be losing padding. I don't want to get rid of all the dressier shoes I'd wear to the office, but I don't wear them enough to assess them well. I've been making efforts to wear some shoes around the neighborhood to see how they feel now.
  • Replace my tri-climate jacket for travel. It's too tight around the bottom. It zips, but doesn't look or feel good. Fortunately, I have professional discounts with Columbia, North Face etc! This is a must-have for my cold weather travel wardrobe, especially if my husband wants to go on a ski trip. Travel will be a thing again eventually, right...?

On a related note, my skin is looking tired and I have darker circles under my eyes. It may be because I was sick last week and because my allergies are bothering me this week (not covid, thankfully). I may also need to sleep with a humidifier on, and adjust my skincare routine. Definite refresh needed!

That's all I got for now.