Hi everyone! I hadn't planned to tackle all this now, but my move is taking longer than I thought (see Off Topic). Should be in Feb, though.

At this point, I am cut off from 75% of my wardrobe as we wait to move. Some is in storage, and some is packed, though we held off on fully packing. Fortunately, I have most of it catalogued in Finds, so I at least know what I have!

My word for 2021 is Playful. I feel like I need a dose of this in my life, and it's always been an element in my wardrobe anyway.

I think my color is Pink, but I was toying with Cobalt. Maybe both, like in this top I got from Boden. More on that below.

Other related observations about my style going forward. I can't really set goals right now, especially as I can't really shop much until we've closed, moved, and spent a bunch of money on stuff we need in the new place, but I have thoughts.

-Interestingly, I also find I'm drawn to more androgynous, or at least less traditionally feminine looks, such as the pants from Madewell in finds. I guess this can be playful as well? Pants fit can be challenging in this era of high waists, but I want to keep buying drapey-er pants.
`I've decided to be off skirts--I will keep what I have but avoid buying more, because they really are wardrobe orphans much of the time, and they stop fitting well with bodily changes or slight shrinking in the wash (I will have better control of how I wash in the new home). There are always a few I will wear in summer.
-Dresses are still something I will gravitate towards.
-I still love stripes, but I realize that certain striped sleeves are NOT flattering on my upper arms, so I'm going to be more judicious. I also passed on a number of items once I was more aware of this criterion.
-I also need to be more careful about tee shirts and how they fit. Also, graphic tees often look wrong on my body since my torso is so short, and they don't tend to come in petites. (Whenever someone buys me a tee shirt, it looks awful for this reason.)
-figure flattery continues NOT to be my number 1 priority

I ordered a couple of items from Boden, including the pink and white sweater and the striped top. I haven't been able to take too many outfit photos without a mirror at home, but here is one from today with the striped top.

ETA - per Angie's request, I'm moving my essentials to a new post. I thought it would be less confusing if I just edit them out here.

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