You will be great at the new position, as you are so good at finding and evaluating just the right items in second-hand shops! I agree with you on introverts needing “recovery” time after social interaction. I wonder how much that will be the case and to what extent you’ll be able to block out the social and just focus on the merch end of things.

I’m curious about the bleed-over of your life here into your offline life. I’m one who strongly prefers not to be outed (and I’ve taken down pix of my friend out of deference to his public life) or to have my “fashion” life connect to the rest.

Hello Jamie! What a perfect gig!! Would love to go browsing the rails together with your curated eye!

Jaime, what serendipity! You will be such an amazing asset for the store! And it goes without saying that you look fab in purple (love your new moniker pic!).

My first thought when saw this is how come Jaime looks just like Shevia? Looking forward to reading your posts as you learn your new job. This is exciting!

Sounds like Big Fun!

I really must thank Angie and everyone here again. I developed so much confidence through YLF participation. I really don't know where I'd be without it .
Thanks Sal - disrupt for the win!
Haha Sally if you think you were challenged, you should see me repeating my name to native Israelis who almost inevitably call me Jenny anyhow. It just isn't a mix of sounds that work for them easily. Also my mother chose an alternative spelling for my name. When the bionic woman - Jaime Sommers - came along, I was vindicated at last !
Staysfit - Thank you. I have no doubts about my skills as a sorter. The sales part is unexplored territory though!
kkards - Yes, exactly.
Thank you Mirjana.
avicennia - Delighted to provoke thought! I am curious to learn if I can still learn some new tricks .
Stag - Interesting thoughts - I am confident with the merch side, but this is a tiny charity shop and I am also the cashier/salesperson that has to be friendly for hours on end. Not easy for me although I am pretty good at it, and exhausting. As for the bleed over, once I decided to post on instagram for my various experiments in on-line selling I realized the gig is up. Totally respect and understand people that have avoided that sort of thing.
Synne - Hmm, probably I should offer my services as second hand shopper and give tours .
Jonesy - Thank you! Glad you like the pic too.
MsMaven - You made me laugh. Glad you recognized me!
Runcarla - It is. Sometimes .