Been thinking about this as I read your posts, but had no ideas until a few days ago it popped into my brain.

Word: Polished
Color: Purple

Life has gotten to be so routine--day after day of the same routine. Just when we thought it was safe to travel, to go out--well. Here we are, at home again.

When we went on the cruise I packed my makeup, but didn't wear it. I did work at grooming my hair, but because of the Omicron surge I skipped getting a hair cut and a pedicure. Warm, humid Florida, Caribbean days, forget it.

Back home the word polished hit me. So I decided to spend a few minutes a day putting on some makeup, and my contacts, and as soon as Omicron passes through, I'll find a new hairdresser and manicurist. I bought a lot of casual clothes in the last couple of years. I need to take a break and work with what I have. I'm not one to wear lounging clothes all day or in public, but I do need to take a good look at what makes me feel like I'm stretching towards that idealized version of myself that lurks in my brain.

And purple--there is a shade of purple I like that has been missing until I found that Disney tee shirt. It's purple, but with a little more red--maybe plum, rather than the bluer purple. Purple has been hard to find in the last couple of years, but it seems to be coming back. Purple is a special color for me. Right now feels like something I've lost in the last couple of years that I want to get back. Well, obviously, I need to get out the amethyst pendant and earrings I put away, as my Mom used to say, "for the duration." (I think that may have been a phrased during WWII.)

And what about that WHBM turtleneck I couldn't resist but so far have only worn twice? I'm not limited to the Disney tee shirt. Don't know what the cosmic implications of the color are, but for me it seems to be inspirational.