The past weekend was the last mild one we'll have for a a while, 65F/17C highs, so I took advantage of it to have a couple of outdoor meals with friends, well bundled up. I had a dinner with a friend on Saturday evening and very belated birthday brunch with a small family on Sunday.

Both outfits were pretty similar, a column of burgundy with a short, non-down puffer in a different color for warmth. The first outfit was the following: old cashmere burgundy turtleneck, burgundy coated crop kick flare jeans, sparkly navy tweed puffer, navy booties and cross body bag. The second outfit is new burgundy merino turtleneck, velveteen slim pants, lilac puffer and beret, tall burgundy boots and cross body bag.

The two burgundy turtlenecks are a good illustration of a situation in my wardrobe related to fit of knitwear and some other items, too, that is making me quite annoyed. My weight has been going up and down a lot in the last couple of years, from lower edge of one size, to higher edge of the next size up, almost to the second size up. I am currently at the highest weight point of this range. The old cashmere turtleneck is from when I was 1.5 sizes smaller and preferred more fitted look, so it is quite fitted, too fitted for my tastes now so I only wear it as a layer under a jacket. The new merino turtleneck is obviously in a bigger size and fits more fluidly, as I prefer now. I have a lot of knitwear that fits like the older one, and is otherwise in perfect condition. Since my weight keeps changing I don't want to get rid of the old items, but they are not that useful to me now either. Occasionally, if I keep reaching for a certain item and getting annoyed with it's fit, I will get something similar in a bigger size, like here. However, I don't want to do it for everything. I am not asking for a particular solution as I know there isn't an easy one, I guess I am just venting and it might make me feel better putting it down on paper (screen).

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