I'm not really doing the PMWIW challenge but I guess these outfits fall into the "keeping it real" category. Both yesteray and today were really busy days with little time to get dressed.

Yesterday's outfit is a FFBO and I was super happy with it. There are some new and newish pieces here, my Allsaints Freesia dress and the Seychelles Solitude boots. The booties are fitted enough at the ankle that I can actually get my jeggings over them! Hooray! (I didn't like the way the scrunch looked when I tucked it into the booties.) I love the pointy toe with the skinny pants. Tossed my drapey front cardigan over the top for warmth but didn't end up needing it.

Today I was trying for asymmetrical-over-asymmetrical with this drapey lightweight cardigan over my handknit linen tunic. I'm not very happy with how this turned out, but didn't have time to do anything about it. I think the proportions are a bit off, and the sleeve/shoulder details on the tunic are causing weird lumps under the cardi. But oh well. They can't all be winners. At least it's warmer today so I can wear rolled jeans and cutout booties.

Last photo is an old photo to show the details on the tunic. It's better on its own, so I think it might just have to wait until spring.

1-2: Allsaints dress, CoH jeggings, Seychelles booties, Style&co cardigan
3-4: handknit tunic, KUT jeans, Anthro cardi, TBA booties.

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