Gryffin , there are a few on NAP, which is where my photo is from, but I haven't seen anything at retail here yet. Mind you, Manitoba is not exactly at the forefront of fashion - ha. I also just did a big tour through H&M and there are no shorts of any kind out yet. I bet this look will be out there, just not for a few more weeks.

Angie - yes to a belt, and yes to open toes being ok for my kind of work . It gets pretty casual here in the summer. And absolutely will not use any jeans that are baggy and worn - consider who you're dealing with here

Not sure what the optimal length is, but I'd find something that looks the best on YOU! I think just slightly below the knee is nice too, if the short is not too wide.
I am totally with you on loving this length of shorts and the ensemble.

LP - please don't stop posting. I say that for the following selfish reasons.

I am right outside the US epicenter of the virus cases, I have a compromised immune system, and Mr. April and Little Mr. April are convinced that I shouldn't go into public spaces just now. I am no longer on Facebook or Twitter, and most people no longer talk to each other via email or even by telephone.

That means the only social interaction I have right now is the YLF forum. You're a refreshing voice here, please don't feel that your participation trivializes the current world situation.

P.S. Also I LOVE that outfit, though when I steal it it will be with sneakers.

I LOVE the shorts Bennet just posted.

Lisa P, since you've lost weight this year, are your jeans all a size too big?

Angie - some of my jeans are too big, others just fit better, or differently.

And yes, I love those COS shorts too, and would love to have a dressier pair like this in my wardrobe. Frame has some really nice "bermudas" , which are knee length - just noticed those online .

I am sure you'll look fab in something similar, lisap! Thanx for bringing this new silhouette up- I am not sure I could sport it (at my office and with my thicker thighs and more muscular calves) but I've learned a lot about the new look and dressy shorts form the comments and may apply these in my own outfits one day.

Lisa this is a great look. NAP is one of my go-tos for style inspiration. If I wonder how to wear a red jacket - just have a look at how they style things helps to come up with fun and fresh combinations.

I can absolutely see you in this look - fashion forward without being trendy and works so well with the great blazers in your wardrobe.

Great look, Lisa. I'd like to try something like that a well. Just need the longer denim shorts. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for all of the comments and ideas. I am totally off kilter today with more covid news, and actually thought I was going to throw up this morning (from worry , not from feeling sick) I had wound myself up so tightly. I'm not usually a panicker about anything, and not pessimistic either, but for some reason this has really got me. I'm not worried about getting sick myself - I'm freaked out as to what this will do to the retail economy, which is how I make my living. I had to run a few errands this morning, one of which was in our biggest mall (only reason I went in was because I had to visit the pharmacy there) and it was a literal ghost town. On a lighter note, my husband and I are worried how our relationship will sustain no NHL or NBA games .

Yes it is frightening on many levels. My son is very sad about the NBA.

I don’t have a answer but a big hug across the internet.

Re. the current news, I take comfort from the following.

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