A disclaimer: I am conflicted about even posting here when the world is in the midst of a health crisis, and the stock market is crashing.  I'm worried as to the impact on the economy .

I'm currently obsessed with this look - which I've seen in a few iterations over the last week or two.  I plan to recreate this for (sales) work and social occasions , and figure I can repurpose a pair of slim or skinny jeans (mine do not fit snugly or in a "sausage casing" manner - a term used often on this forum that always makes me laugh ) , a basic blazer or bomber jacket from my closet, and a knit or woven silk t., also from my closet  . The footwear trendsfor the seasons are really appealing to me :  the square toe sandal or mule a la the Bottega Venetta original , or the "barely there" look shown in the photo below.  I'm  not sure my feet are attractive enough anymore to do the barely there look, so if I find a pair of the puffy leather (or faux) X cross slides or mules with a square toe,  (ideas in finds below) I may buy them. I'm supposed to be on a no-buy year, so we'll see how I feel in a month or two when it comes time to wear this kind of outfit.  I truthfully am getting sneaker fatigue , as they are EVERYWHERE and shown with EVERYTHING, and I'd like to wear something else for a change. I also don't love them for work all of the time - I like looking a bit more elegant.  

As to the shorts:  and this is a question for the proportion people here ....what is the optimal length ?  The photos I've seen recently show the shorts at about the knee, which seems fine to me.  I'd ideally like a tiny bit of knee coverage so that when I'm sitting down, the shorts aren't pulling up too high .  My legs seem reasonably proportioned, so I don't expect to have trouble, but I'm not always a great judge of proportion until it's too late  What do you all think?

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