Hello fabbers,

I'm working my way back into posting, and trying to keep up with commenting on all the fab posts & WIWs. June has been a crazy month. Between wrapping up volunteer work at my boys' school, I was hectically racing from one medical appointment to another. As stressful as it was, I had recently completed a closet edit and colour analysis. So fortunately, I felt good throwing on what I had (hint - formula - sleeveless top, skinnies, scarf). I honestly think that feeling good on the outside helped me maintain my composure on the inside. While I still have some specialists to see and health issues to take care of, I am feeling positive and moving forward. In the meantime, I've taken life by the bullhorns and have been more active than ever with regular exercise, golf lessons, and cycling (more on that in off topic later).

In my last post I'd completed a closet edit. The following week or so we did a colour analysis. What fun! We determined that I am a soft summer (I'm sure not much of a surprise to some), but it was somewhat surprising because we were leaning towards soft autumn, as I do gravitate to a lot of warm colours. The analysis is done with a neutral cape and neutral covering over the hair in order to accurately determine how skin/eyes/features react to various drapes. I am very clearly cool. The shocking part came when the hair cover was removed. My hair has been highlighted in warm shades for so long, that it was clearly contradicting my face/eye colouring. The process was incredibly enlightening because it explained why my closet was filled with half warm and half cool tones, and why I often felt conflicted in that respect. My hair led me to the warm side and my face led me to the cool side. Unity at last! First thing I did was book an appointment with my hairstylist and we got rid of the highlights! What a difference! I am overdue for another treatment since the best remedy was semi-permanent. I need one more, and then we'll look at something more permanent in the fall. The difference was dramatic (for me), and I have been loving it.

So here's most of the past month. My iPhoto has been crashing out for some reason so I can't load up the past week. It's been super hot around here so it's mostly shorts, tanks, and active wear to beat the heat and have fun.

I won't get into individual descriptions to save reading time. Suffice it to say I've added a few things that more accurately fit into my palette, and am enjoying the softer colours (heathered plum - my new fav!). #14 shows a scarf I picked up in Vegas in May. Interesting enough that colour was my best *wow* colour. I think it shows well in the photo. I'll be stalking hits of that for the fall/winter. #42/43 I'm wearing a heart monitor under my new fav Aritzia tshirts. Might look bulky, but you never know what's inside, right? #45 is part of my new golf "capsule." I was proud of myself as I shopped for a few things. I kept to charcoal & white & turquoise, and bought 2 shorts/2 tops that were light/soft and completely in my wheelhouse - and they all work together. Win!

Hope everyone's well. Thanks for reading this far Comments/critiques more than appreciated.

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