I had my stitches out today and was told I could wear sneakers on both feet again. WOOHOO!!! I missed all my shoes. Even opening the choices back up to sneakers only gives me a lot of options.

I'm glad because I really missed having my footwear to add interests to my outfits. I ended up wearing a lot of sweaters with jeans. I am glad to have variety in both those categories but am used to have shoes to add some oomph. (I also stuck to the same sneaker on the good foot, one pf a pair I intend to pass on, because it was about the same height as the post-op shoe).

Anyway, I will skip the commentary on each outfit, except to say I wore the first one (with the plaid coat) to a nonprofit event as my first outing post-surgery. And the last one is today, after I went back home and put on my Chuck Taylors; shown with and without outerwear.

PS-The surgery is successful though I still need to heal some more. Despite the success, it looks like my toe may remain a bit out of place, but not as bad as it was before the tendon was reattached, and it won't be an obstacle to my mobility. I can see if PT helps with that once I'm healed enough to start that.

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