Love this! All of a sudden I really like peplums and I like the subtlety of that one. Cute hair too!

Love it from head to toe and how delightful that every gorgeous item was on sale!

Chic and polished, a beautiful outfit! And it looks like it fits you perfectly in every way!

Another appreciator here - you look wonderful!

Really great outfit, love the peplum especially. And scuba fabric is one of my favorites, the texture always looks so modern to my eye. And everything fits you so well.

Wow, Plonk!
These flats totally work with the pants, so why do they overcome the usual " need" for a heel with this style? I really need any pants uodated to work with flats or low wedge.

Did you " know" that these would all work together or was it a happy coincidence?

Unfrumped: happy coincidence. I don't do outfit labs or anything, so it's all real life trial and error (as evidenced by the evening outfit which was a less happy experiment). I was like this as a teen too; I never tried on my whole prom ensemble until the night of. I'm not sure why -- fear it wouldn't work? Faith it would? I don't know, but it drove my mother crazy.

Love this outfit! The top, the pants, the jacket... WOW!

Love. Just love! That top adds so much although a simpler top would work too. I second whoever said you should be a model for JCREW....if you start your own blog you could do it that way....