The way you have this styled I would never suspect you consider this a mistake. Gorgeous color!

"Wear a plunge bra and flash away?!" Uh, OK, if you take that advice please remind me before our next meet-up...

I think this looks great the way you've styled it, but I totally get what you're saying about that type of top. V necks always bug me and I often do what you're doing - wear a shell underneath. You did a good job of reigning in the volume. As long as it stays tucked and doesn't slip out, that's probably a good solution.

Good points here. Suz, I have this style too. I could never wear it without something under - I always wear a cami. Maybe bc my hair is longer? I do love the idea of a higher under layer as you've done. I'm gonna go try now.... Would effectively cover the bony layer...hahaha

You look lovely! Semi-tucking really does help and I'm tempted to buy this top...question: reviews says it wrinkles easily, is that an issue for you? Also should I size down?

First, thanks for the laugh. Against advice and your own better judgement, naturally you bought not one but two of these shirts!

I bought a Pleione split neck tunic shirt last fall and have spent a fair amount of time experimenting with different solutions so I don't feel either self-conscious or cold in the neckline. My most successful idea to date has been to layer a black long-sleeved tee under it (the tunic shirt is navy).

I don't yet own white jeans but when I do and can bookend with them, I'll try your solution, which clearly shows the neckline of the shirt. It gets kind of lost in my black under layer.

Oh, and you are SO smart--I'm trying to figure out how to wear a shell OVER a shirt, and while I'm working on that, you go and put one UNDER a shirt with this terrific result!

I would definitely size down, Maia -- it's a very generous cut.

(By the way, you share a name with my DD! Spelling is the same, too. Obviously, it's a name I am partial to!)

My answer to the wrinkles issue is yes...and no. The front is rayon. And rayon does wrinkle. So when I semi-tuck the top, I can't then untuck it and wear it untucked on the same day.

But....if I hang it up overnight, the wrinkles almost fall out. I would still probably iron it before wearing it untucked, and I definitely iron after washing. But I don't find it creases up a lot in regular wear during the day.

Awww. Thanks, Windchime! But seriously -- I tried this top with the shell over it last week and failed, big time!! i figure there's got to be SOME way of managing it!!

Looks great worn this way, and since you have many months of layering weather I cannot see this as a mistake. The color is fantastic and even if you only repeat this outfit you have a winner!

I think you saved it with the layer underneath. Some of these have made it to Rack clearance and I wanted to have one but even the XS was way too much volume on top for me. Is yours a petite? Will a blazer or jacket over the top give it the desired structure?

Joy, mine's regular xs -- and yup -- it's just too much for me. Oh well. Live and learn. I think a jacket will help some, but won't help the neckline issue. Silly me!

Shevia, thank you. I will wear it in confidence this way, at least!

FWIW, I sized down on this top (to PXS) which I almost never do, and am still forced to wear a cami underneath. My girls are lowish and full BTW. Regular size tops almost always hit me way to low so I never bother trying them on even if they aren't long sleeved. The arms look snug on me which I'm forced to admit doesn't look the best, but I was drawn to the colors and yes, I bought two. This top is a comfy as jammies, but where I live it's been in the 80s so too hot to wear anything but short sleeves.

Suz: You've done a great job "salvaging" the top - it looks great on you. That said, I believe Nordstrom will take the return -- even if the tag is cut off -- if you have the receipt.

It looks super fab in the photo. Love your analysis of your shopping mistake. I have done it many, many times. Buying multiples and then realizing that the style just doesn't work for me was one of my shopping issues. I think I have mostly kicked it by limiting multiples to classics and not more than two.
That said, you do look great and if you want to love the top a little more, it would be a cheap alteration to add a quick stitch to the sides to reduce some of the volume.

Well, I can't wear most of the split necks ever, except with a tank, and have to add snaps to a lot of other tops--usually worth it if there's something special about the neckline. Like the Pleione faux wrap, that I like.

But, I don't necessarily think it's too much volume. I like the loose-top look oon you. My eye is demanding a lot more drape in my tops and sweaters, way more than classic fit, to the point where I'm passing some up because one size is too tight and the next is too big. So I can see that some tops are cut wrong, and don't drape in the right way.

Suz, your 'mistakes' beat my best efforts on any day! This is a great outfit, and you look terrific in it!